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We're back!

We're here!
Yes, we're still here!
But I think I owe you some kind of explanation, because I've been away for quite a long time.
So, here are my explanations.
1) Cats are not quite OK. They're physically OK, but not psychologically OK. In other words, they're still quite upset. It's nothing really serious, but... it's a strange life, because Kara still seems to be afraid of Jazz and Gigi. Now she decided that our bedroom is HER bedroom, and doesn't want the other two cats to get in it. It's quite sad for us having to split our house in two...
2) I had to change computer and upgrade my software. And had to learn to use new things once again... it was not easy, as I'm no longer a teen...
3) I had to work... no need to explain it, I hope.
4) IF (IF) everything works right, on the end of May I'll be here: http://www.bookexpoamerica.com/ as an exhibitor, and I'm working hard for this...
5) ...I'm afraid I've lost my english dictionary... but it must be somewhere, so I have good hopes I'll find it very, very soon..
...anyway, we're back.
And we're here to stay! :-)