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Fastidious cats

Jazz and Kara are very fastidious about dry food.
Two weeks ago I didn't find the dry food they usually eat, so I bought another brand. It was the equivalent to their usual food, but it had smaller pieces. It was excellent cat food, anyway, and they ate it.
But then I finally found the right one, so I mixed the usual one with the new one.
And it came out that they don't like the new one anymore.
What amazes me, is how they can pick the old one from the small one when they're all mixed together!
Today they were extremely fastidious, anyway, because their bowl was filled with the new one and they claimed to have their bowl to be filled again with their usual food.
“No!”, I told them, “I don't want to throw good food away.”
So they simply tried to force their way into the cupboard and steal the old ones!
Cats will be cats...


Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

that was great and the cartoon was adorable! Isn't it amazing how they just KNOW?

jazzegigi said...

They're smart creatures ;-)