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Gigi is the boss. He firmly believes it and no one would contradict him, simply because he weighs over ten kilos (nearly 24 pounds) and if he sat on another cat he could just squash that unfortunate feline.
Nevertheless, Gigi is exceedingly sweet and tender, the goal of his life being filling the world with love. Actually he thinks he's very, very small, so you can easily see him trying to squeeze himself in small boxes. It doesn't matter if he manages to get in them with his head only, because he always remembers that famous feline proverb that says that wherever the head goes, the rest of the cat may well go.
Humans call Gigi “the largest kitten in the world”, because they say that although he's that big, deep in his heart he's just a kitten. Being wicked, humans also call him “pigmy hippopotamus”, “short-nosed elephant”, “land whale” and many other names, but they don't tell him for fear of hurting his feelings.
Gigi loves eating, playing, eating, kissing and purring, eating, having his belly scratched and eating.
Did I tell you he likes eating?
His favourite dish is tuna. Well, actually he likes anything with fish in it, but he's simply mad about tuna. As you'll find out reading our comic strips...

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betunada said...

i noticed the amazing jazz & gigi when i viewed a christmas tree (well, looks like a very small tree, a bush ...) on una vista di san enfermo on wordpress -- and THERE was the "cat scratches/sketches" pad!