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Kitty Christmas Tree Ornaments

We're three very very good kittens (tell Santa, if you happen to see him).
So, in order to thank you for following us from all over the world, we made these special J&G Christmas Tree ornaments for you!
Aren't you thrilled?
We are!
This is what you have to do: it's easy as eating a mouthful of tuna!
1) Open each picture in a new page.
2) Download it.
3) Print it.
4) Paste it on a cardboard sheet.
5) Cut it out.
6) Hang it on your Christmas Tree or wherever you like.
Then, if you want, you may take pictures of them and show us how our Christmas ornaments travelled the world ;-)
Purr purr, everybody!

PS: tomorrow we'll show you where we put our ornaments :-)


Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

I'm Jewish so I don't have a tree but these are toooooooo adorable! I am going to share these with my readers on Facebook and Twitter!

jazzegigi said...

Thank you ^___^ We're doing something for the New Year as well :-)