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We're very upset

I'm sorry I'm not publishing new sketches, but we have some problems. This is what's happened. On Wednesday night Kara got entangled somewhere while she was playing and tore her claw. As you can imagine,  it's a very painful thing for a cat, for they have nerves and blood there. We had to carry her to a veterinary emergency unit, because it happened in the middle of the night and her usual doctor was not on duty, and she had her paw tended. But not her spirit. Because since then, she became frightful and very aggressive toward Jazz and Gigi. It seems to me she thinks that if she got hurt, it's their fault. It is as if she didn't trust them anymore. Jazz, being usually a little aggressive himself, overreacted and attacked me twice since Wednesday, biting and scratching my paw... er... leg. So now I have two very angry and very belligerent cats (Jazz and Kara), who just can't stand (so it seems) to share the same universe (they growl so much that it's like having two wild grizzly bears instead of two domestic cats), and one very sad and very weepy cat (Gigi), who just doesn't understand why his beloved little Kara doesn't want his kisses anymore. I must add that Kara is aggressive toward him too, but in this case he only reacts fleeing and staring at her with extremely astonished eyes. Kara is taking antibiotic, but she (and Jazz too, of course) may have a mild tranquillizer. The problem is that... it is not easy, here, to find a pharmacy that's open on the week end. Actually, I feel a bit upset... :-(


Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

I am so sorry to hear this. Hopefully it is a problem that will be resolved soon. Maybe as she heals they will all get along well again? The trauma is still too new but I have a feeling in time they will be fine. ((((hugs))))

jazzegigi said...

Thank you. Today I gave her and Jazz a light tranquillizer, but it will take time to work. Now she just went under the bed (she has a kind of "nest" there). Hope she'll be fine soon. It's so sad seeing her like this...